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Not really. I like looking at Jason Mamoa because he's aesthetically pleasing. There's nothing sexual going on, so weird costumes or camera angles to amplify sexual characteristics don't do anything to make him more pretty.
You brought it up in regards to fanservice for women. What it does for you is irrelevant, the issue is whether or not a man simply being attractive is enough to count as fanservice.

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Most media panders to anyone who has money. It's simply made by men who don't really understand how to pander to women, so its opinions to direct fanservice at those attracted to men are even more pathetically inept than its attempt to direct at those attracted to women. Some marketing director, somewhere, is absolutely certain buff, middle-aged dudes are the only reason any women saw The Expendables.
I don't disagree that a lot of men don't get what a lot of women are attracted to, but I don't think the media competition is hard enough, and the money men smart enough, for it to be necessary for the media to cater to anyone who has money. I've heard enough stories about aspiring writers being asked to change their works into something less progressive, because the people in charge were more conservative than the audience. An obvious example is how long it took Lauren Faust to be allowed to create a show for young girls that wasn't horribly stereotyped and deliberately dumped down, because the men in charge were convinced there was no money in it. It's hard to find words for how wrong they were.

Of course, maybe they're right that women are more willing to consume fiction made for men (thus reducing the need to make anything specifically for women), and that men are less tolerant of fanservice for women than vice versa. Women's tolerance towards the Transformers movies and men's utter (and very vocal) hatred of Twilight seems to indicate that might be the case , but I'm not completely convinced.

PS: Watched both The Expendables movies and loved them, despite none of the men really doing anything for me sexually. But I suspect that if/when an Expendables movie with women are made, the instructor will choose to forego actors like Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hamilton because they're getting old (thus completely missing the point), and hire younger and more fanservice friendly actors to appeal to the male demographic