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I want MORE for-female fanservce. Not less fanservice for males. I want full frontal male nudity to be as accepted as full frontal female nudity (and bare behind nudity as well, of course).

And so forth. Of course, I am weird.
I really couldn't bother less if there was more female-friendly fanservice but full frontal nudity... I don't know. It's not that it's a bad thing but to be honest I don't see the appeal in either, male or female full frontals. There are lots of things I like to see (at a woman) but that just... I guess I'm just weird that way.

But to shortly reiterate on something I said a while ago... the thing about female-friendly fanservice... is a topless male really fanservice? I mean, in contrast to a girl in underwear a male even in just his briefs seems so casual to me, it's not fanservice. I guess it is because I'm male and I can see it all the time but still... you see it so often it never felt like fanservice to me, only when the briefs come off. Or when they are oiled up like in 300.