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Well, I'm glad DJ Callan still has that moral qualm about Enchanting humans. You can tell it is one of his defining character traits
All non Deegan characters are sub-human, therefore, DJ has no moral issue about controlling them.

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Well, first off, we DONT know that he hasnt mind controlled someone close by. Last second sleeper agent attacks are a fairly common trope in this sort of story.
Spark is actually under an enchantment, and in tomorrow's cliffhanger, we'll see cuddly Spark starting to claw the eyes out of Luna.

What? A man can dream!

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But, even if he doesnt do that, there is a good excuse. He doesnt want to take that risk. If any of the people there suddenly start acting even a little different, it could raise suspicions. Combine that with him needing the time and opportunity to cast his mind control, and its a dicey prospect.
Another question is "why bother?".
The king's final plan is already on it's way.
If he didn't control any of them as a precaution months ago, there is no reason to act now, when he already initiated the last phase of his plan.

This is the one time I can understand if the king ignores the rest of the Deegans, or at least if he sends only mooks delay them.

If he wanted to kill them, don't bother asking about enchantments.
Ask why did he stop the zombies.