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Still doesn't explain why he wouldn't do it to Miranda, who could logically be the largest threat to his plans. It's not even that he tried and she resisted, it's that he didn't even try.

I'm starting to get the impression that the villains aren't any threat whatsoever guys.
He did put the whammy on her, only in this case it was to get her to not work too hard. In other words, dont bother trying to get strong enough to threaten him. It sorta makes sense, and sorta doesnt. He took control of the other archmages because A) They werent human, and B) They were already powerful threats. Miranda was a newbie mage who he could keep relatively weak without turning her into a puppet, which is something he doesnt like to do to humans if he doesnt have to.

As for the maestro? The way I see it, we have a few options. The ones that would be a good story are, power corrupts. He has taken over a few humans and each time he is willing to do more to them. First he gave miranda a little nudge, then he outright made the old king and queen kill each other, now he is just flat out dominating the maestro. Option 2 is the beast did it. It has powers, it has way less morals, and wouldnt have any issue with mind controlling anything it doesnt get to kill. The last option, which could work, is the maestro ISNT under his control, he willingly joined up.

On the other hand, mookie may have forgotten his own rules, after all, its been longer than a week and he is easily distracted by shiny objects.