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I disagree. Outside of her providing comfort to whats his face I always see her actions as a "Why not?" response.

Shes just doing things as they fall into her lap and loosing them the same way as well.

Shes just wandering through life. Just my theory.
Shes certainly just wandering, but the fact that she wanders at all indicates some sort of connection.
As I see it, we have exactly two motivations to do anything: Physical and Emotional ( Some could argue mental, curiosity for example, as a third category, but I'm wrapping that into Emotional). Jones has no physical drives. She dosn't need to eat, drink, or breathe. She can't be hurt, so she has no need to avoid physical injury.
If she had no emotions at all, she would have no motivation to do anything at all. Nothing could offer reward or punishment for her.

She is emotionless enough to simply accept it when she is driven from the village where she has been living. But something motivated her to join that village in the first place, and something motivated her to leave when they drove her out. She could have just sat there, ignoring any weapon that was used against her.

If she was really just going through the world, taking requests as "Why Not", then what happens if Coyote says "Hey, go punch holes in the walls of all the buildings in the court" and she says "Sure, why not".