Laneside Bowling

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[Laneside Bowling]

The cat listens to the two halflings foolishly talking about treasure seeking cats. Some cats collect things, it supposes. But those cats are dumb. Should be focused on collecting food. Way more important than yarn or balls.

Justin chuckles a bit himself. "That sounds like typical anti-sister talk to me. Every brother thinks what his sister likes is stupid, speaking from personal experience." He sighs before continuing his advice. "Talk to Pansy about what she thinks about Tito's situation." He cannot stress talking to Pansy enough. "Then the both of you can talk to Quinn, and see how much she knows about therapy or psychology. If she doesn't know anything, maybe she knows someone who does."
It's about this time that Lily finds the hollow practice balls. "Hey Tito! This ball isn't heavy!" she proclaims, and lifts it up. Of course her tiny hands are nowhere near large enough for the holes, but it's not like she even knows that's what the holes are for. "Let's play kickball!"

"We're supposed to be cleaning!"
Tito protests.

"Come on... pleeeeease? I can't play by myself!"
Lily begs, then proceeds to do just that, kicking the ball along one of the lanes until it goes into the gutter. "Oops. I guess we're supposed to keep it from doing that."

"I guess so," Tito says. "But how do people kick the heavy balls?"

In the bathroom. Brand nods. "Yes. Yes, I should."