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More interesting, sure, but also much more difficult to see turn out satisfactorily without retconning.
Yeah. Probably.

I just want more creepiness from GG.

I guess Im a bit of a Hypocrite when I want this comic to be more (I spit the word and proceed to clean my mouth afterwards with soap): "Dark".

I have been recently provided some of that with Coyote so Im sated for now, but i just want more conflict.

More important and slightly bigger conflict (Again. I am sated for now).

I was on the edge of quitting when I felt like the whole comic felt like a giant hug-fest and they where on the verge of holding hands and singing kumbayah.

I wish Jones would be this completely alien thingy (Again I am a Hypocrite. Something I hate in Hometuck). Maybe possessing no emotion other then boredom to be placated or curiosity to explore.

It just is then interesting that the people around her PROJECT what kind of person she is. Sort of like a human Companion cube.