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Do the Culture's citizens have the discipline and ruthlessness to actually impersonate Space Marines though?

Like, would they be able/willing to participate in the burning of heretics or massacre of xenos/mutants or would some of them break cover to try to help? Can they maintain the appearance of a strict hierarchal chain of command and zealous worship of the God Emperor, things none of them has ever experienced which go utterly against their own ways of living? Would the "Chapter Master" even be able to command their "subordinants" or would everyone just do their own thing?
Hey, the Culture's a big place. There's gotta be somebody who's interested in that kind of stuff. I'd imagine they'd be the same sort of people who would be LARPing today, though in their case, it'd probably take place in virtual reality. I'm sure the Culture has the technology to create a "real" experience for any group of LARPers, too, if that's what they want; even death isn't a huge deal when you can reload a mind-state, though I'd expect none but the most hardcore LARPers would go through that kind of trouble, because VR is good enough for most people. There's gotta be some people in the wide, wide Culture who would jump at the chance to be a part of a "real" Catholic Space Nazi Supermen LARP experience.