I'm looking for spells to kill a LOT of constructs. I know about highly metamagiced orbs of fire but I am hoping for something a bit more. . . stylish

I don't know how long this wizard (who will hopefully be introduced into the campaign sometime after the new year) is going to have to hold out against a horde of ticked constructs with class levels.

Wizard 20/Epic Wizard 9/Effigy Master 1

Build is moderately flexible(but epic feats are TASTY), but I'm most interested in your favorite spell selections.

MM Feats
Split Ray

Important things to know.
Material Components are Ignored
I've got 3 10th level, 2 11th and 2 12th level spells
Metamagic cost is reduced by 4 (not to dip below +1)
I've got a construct of my own (50HD Runic Guardian)
My Familiar (coure Eladrin) has a lot of my low level sloots.
So. . . suggestions?