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    Why would they do that? Hasn't it been established already that the Citizens of the Culture are pretty much unnecessary.
    If you are making a fake (but relatively authentic reproduction) fleet of Imperials from a lost planet, including soldiers and army, and a 'lost' Astartes chapter, you will need at least several hundred thousand biped organic humans, transhumans, and abhumans. Okay, less, if you have a crazy high amount of Servitors, and some extremely capable (but still Imperial standard type) factory ships in the fleet to make replacement servitors. Get a bunch of plasma refining ships, some of the mechanicum factory ships that can make anything (including servitors), and you don't NEED that many, you can just have servitors for the crew and murder servitors and weaponized servitors for troops and such...

    In fact, if it had a variety of abhuman body types that aren't considered xenos, but are often considered 'allowed' stable mutations (ie, recognized abhumans), it might be a good way to introduce some societal change, to boot.

    An unknown, but 'loyalist' astartes chapter living next to some fleet-based humans and abhumans of various sorts (this could also be a reason for why/how they 'lost' their navigators and psykers and astropaths), with PDF forces that contains a high percentage mutants that are similar in body and genetics to the other 'allowed' mutations (scalies, ratlings, the modern flavor stuff that is similar to squats [ie, high g abhumans], neandor, felinid, pelager, longshank, troth, etc. -- though they would want to have some excuse to stay away from the dumber types, like ogryn and beastmen)... if this group of transhumans, abhumans, and normal humans fought a successful Crusade against Chaos...?

    Of course, this group would have to have some sort of archeotech that successfully helps stabilize mutations over time and can check for chaos-based mutations vs normal non-chaos mutations, which would allow this sort of diversity...

    Just create a sort of distorted mirror of The Culture with Imperial standard technology and culture and what is 'allowed' in the Imperium. Strength through diversity and technology and drones and robotics and such. Just consolidate copies of the tech and diversity that is mostly spread out lightyears apart all in one place, to make the 'mirror'.

    Of course, the Imperium might not just welcome these wayward children with open arms... but they are sitting on a ton of archeotech, so it would have a reason to make nice to them...
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