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The Flock with her brother

While Aeolus was pacing and posturing beneath and under the gaze of the four Rocs, they listened patiently, while two owls who slid through the cracks, watched in silent contemplation and judgement. When the god was done the birds spoke in a harmonious concerto. Suloea's speech was one of notes and tunes, melody and song - mortals thought it song - the voices of birds, the language of the sky.

"I am no bird dear brother, I am any bird, I am the thought of birds, practically impossible is a phrase not meant for goddesses such as I. Your wings make you my brother, and as my brother I love you despite your deformities - you do your best, and I do not fault you for that. Your children are made in your image and I see the potential in them, I hope that you will see the need to civilize them. Outside good Synera they are petulant, greedy, petty and foolish. I shall not have them besmirch the sky and it's order with childish antics. I shall civilize them, instill in them respect, duty and honor, much like I have already done for those still stuck to the swollen earth."
Aeolus nods and thinks about his sister's answers. "I see, that clears things up, but you just answered the only question I didn't rephrase at the end of my statement.

Let's try again. I'll ask each of my important questions again and then you answer each of them in kind okay?"

Aeolus inhales and raises his digits in order as he numbers his questions:
"One, what are you going to teach my Aeolians?

Two, What about their and my non-bird aspects and destinies? They are part bird, part beast, and most important of all: part human; and now so am I. So what are you going to do about their multiple densities?

Three, why are birds just better than Aeolians and everything else?"