OOC: Hmmm......... I should probably run. But I still have to meet up at the store with the others, and was just having fun in combat with this class too......

Well, taking on 10 enemies when you only have 28 hp is deadly. Luckily I can change my face as needed thanks to being a changling....

You know what? I'm going to push my luck. Let's see how good their will saves are....

Maz is starting to get worried now. 10 foes all together? Things were getting out of hand. If only he had remembered to pick up a spell component pouch! Then things would be much much better. But surely he didn't have to run immediately, did he? He decides to try and take them on, hoping to blind the new warriors who arrived.

With but a few simple movements he causes it to rain golden dust above the 6 new warriors, which seem to be guided straight into their eyes!


Casting glitterdust on the 6 new warriors. DC 17 will save or blinded.

Move back 30ft, or in the middle of the 20 groups if they are on opposite sides of me.

*crosses fingers and hopes for the best*