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    The birds present within the haven of feathers blinked slowly... they didn't expect their brother to be this dim, they thought they answered the questions most adequately and everything else was obvious... the birds spoke methodically, slowly, making sure to leave a pause at each punctuation mark.

    "I see, it did not occur to me that human intellect soared as high as they flew, I apologize - I shall be mindful of this limitation in the future. Let me explain. I will instruct the children in lessons of civility, etiquette, honor, law, and duty of governance. The fact that you are not wholly of the sky concerns me greatly, as does the fact that your children are also not wholly of the sky - being base born they shall have human sins and desires, which are unwelcome in the sky. I shall show them how to behave like Nobles. With chance my tutelage they will rise above their earth bound roots. As for the perfection of the bird - I do not understand how you do not feel it in your wings - for you are of the sky yourself. Birds do not commit the crimes of men, nor do they undo the balance of the world - they live, pridefully and beautifully. They are above all others in spirit and fact. They were the first beings of the purity of the sky - even before us."
    Aeolus nodded and thought his sister's words over and over again, several thoughts came to him, but he decided that any answers he was going to get were going to be 'birds are better' this and 'everything else is filthy' that.

    ..but he just couldn't resist once he had thought of a question that he thought would stump her for sure, "Okay then, one last question: Are not the stars above us better than your birds? They float up above this planet with grace and beauty, shedding light so that all may see it and be guided by it. They, by the same reasons your birds are better than humans, are better they themselves than your birds."
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