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    Default Re: The Culture explores 40K II: Now With 100% more Fanfiction

    I didn't say anything about them showing non-warp FTL. And no, they werent capable of moving in FTL, or communicating in FTL. The ships were acting mostly as slowships, stasis-ships, with skeleton crews and occassional stops to wake and get plasma from stars and such and mine an oort cloud and refine it, and only AFTER do they get back to Imperial space (and get Navigators), do they gain access to FTL from their Warp drives again (that's the story). But yes, canonically, there are cogitators that get past the '5 lightyear jump'... they're suppressed by the Navigator guilds, but they do exist. They might have access to one of those on a scout ship, but no other ships use it, for example. Thus, the ships would all have been moving slower than lightspeed.... that's how they got past the warp storm, it was a 'warp only, not realspace' warpstorm.

    And they only have tech that has been seen before. That's kinda the point. The idea is to ONLY use tech that is somewhere else in the Imperium, but is maybe considered unique -- just copies of that tech that Imperial technology can't duplicate. And why wouldn't they donate their geneseed back to the Ad Mech once they get back?

    The idea would NOT be to use any unknown tech at all, anywhere!

    I meant that the idea was to have a big enough group that no one will question them too deeply, and that they have a good amount of individual decision-making capability. People have private armies or have done 'private crusades' and made their own fleets all the time.

    But yes, the plan is probably full of holes... I was trying to push the 'found an Astartes Chapter' a bit further, to see how far it could be pushed.
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