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    In another way to describe it...

    The Imperium is full of lostech, archeotech, or unique or semi-unique technologies -- mostly unknown or not understood.

    These are often passed down as relics, often of the Astartes, or kept in displays for the nobility, or prized by the Inquisition, or hidden away by the Mechanicum, or are in a vault somewhere, forgotten and lost.

    However, if a very, very intelligent group with Super Sensors were able to (say), do molecular level scan every bit of technology in tens of thousands of Imperial star systems, getting past pretty much all methods of shielding...

    And then they were to collate, tag, interpret, and comprehend all of the technologies available anywhere in tens of thousands of Imperial worlds, all across several sectors...

    And then they were able to take the pick of the litter, and equip groups of people with exact copies of the best of the best of those technologies, done with a deep understanding of what each bit is capable of and how it will and won't work with other technologies...

    Than whatever group that was equipped that way would be at least one order of magnitude higher tech level than the rest of the Imperium.

    All with known technologies; indeed, if they were scanned, than whoever magos scanned them would be able to find that these are things that are (at least similar to descriptions of known) technologies that are somewhere in the Imperium in general.

    Does that make sense? You don't need to go beyond what is available in the Imperium to have really swank stuff! That's kind of what schizotech means. If someone were to take EVERYTHING from everywhere, the pick of the litter wouldn't be schizotech at all; it'd be high tech.

    However, in order to do this, and have it not be seen as xenostech... whatever group would have to be very, very, very careful to not go beyond what is already extant somewhere in the Imperium... and every bit would have to seem old, even if in great condition.
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