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    Default Re: The Culture explores 40K II: Now With 100% more Fanfiction

    Quote Originally Posted by Gavinfoxx View Post
    Uhm. The Imperium, canonically, has been in slow-mo demolition for at least hundreds of years, maybe thousands..? And lots of people in The Imperium know it...
    The difference is that the Imperium is going down swinging, and being incredibly badass while doing so. I'm going to touch on this more below, but the Imperium of Man is the reaction of humanity to a bleak and chaotic universe; to say "No" and force Order onto it even if that means being utterly annihilated. If the Imperium dies (not quite a sure thing yet...) it should be in a centuries-long blaze of destruction that takes most of the galaxy with it, not being assimilated by an overpowered alien dystopia.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gavinfoxx View Post
    Also, why is that even relevant that the Imperium be able to do anything but lose, technologically? You don't need to give stone-age natives (even if they have really good math and astronomy) a 'chance' against Imperialists with high quality steel and cannons and warships and plate armor to have an interesting story about a higher tech group encountering a lower tech group. It just means that, due to the framing of the situation, certain parts of the story are probably going to happen in a certain way...
    Well, judging by the success of Dances with Smurfs and our fascination with beating advanced alien invasions in action movies I'd say giving the "stone age natives" a fighting chance if not outright victory is certainly reasonable from a story-writing perspective. Watching a powerful bully grind a weakling into the dust isn't quite entertaining enough to fill a 90 minute run-time so there needs to be either some kind of parity or an underdog situation.

    But also, it's important that the Imperium be able to win because I desperately want them to win, or at least for the Culture to lose. The idea of a massive rich universe full of countless epic struggles to hold back an inevitable slide into decay, literally powered by the human will, being ground into a fine powder so that smug aliens can snort it while looking at seven-dimensional porn is an absolutely unbelievable injustice.
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