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The Obsidian Warmonger looked at the god in front of him and the humans fighting through the against odds. Their survival instinct made them run into the things they fear because they feared the god more. It was not the strife Kargath was looking for, merely an instinct. The human flesh and mind is weak, not ready for war and conflict. With one claw, he touched the ground and a black tarry liguid appeared, slowly taking the shape of an obelisk and then hardened. The Obsidian stone crackles with energy, standing high above the ground. The humans are weak, flesh and soul. Come and worship the prime element, Earth, and be blessed with resilience and the ability to fight. Not only will the blessed be able to fight the undead, but also to fight any who threaten them or have what belongs to them. Worship Kargath, sacrifice the unworthy and become strong.

As the first approached the Obelisk and Kargath they felt stronger already and learned how to forge weapons to defend themselves or, as Kargath preferred, attack others. It did not take long before the humans of this village all gathered and started to touch the Obelisk, slowly transforming.

Kargath spoke to the other god. It is a god, no doubt, but what kind of god is it? Why did it approach Kargath? What can it tell Kargath about the lesser elements coexisting with the superior Earth?

AP: 15+rollover 4=19

Create Sentient Life 2 AP- The Stoneborn, humans that transformed through worship, replacing flesh with living stone.

Create Artifact 3 AP - The Obsidian Anchor, the lands surrounding the Anchor can not be changed or teleported except by Kargath and those with the Earth Domain. If so teleported, the Anchor and the lands stick together and dissapear as a whole. (Dinfales staff for example)

Cosmic Degree 5 AP - The Stoneborn: Any human willing to fight and become stronger can start worshipping at the Obsidian Anchor. Doing so slowly replaced their flesh with living stone and automaticly learn the concept of forging weapons (blacksmithing).

Create Concept lesser 1AP - Blacksmithing

Create Concept Advanced 2 AP - Armies, the strongest will be the "General" which is chosen in a number of duels to the death. Once the new leader is established, the army marches to conquer and pillage.

AP left = 6 AP

The skull beneath the mask laughed as Fear replied to Strife. "Dear cousin. I am Slovien and I am fear. The night is my domain so I saw you approach this village. You seemed to be watching them so I thought to give you a show and display to you the power of fear."