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If you're anti-stupidity, why are you supporting the Imperium so much? Remember, the Culture is largely human(not necessarily earth based humanity).
As a Imperium of Man supporter, I do note that I do have to agree.

The Culture losing, while an interesting thought, would not be to the Imperium of Man barring them getting stupid and resurrecting The God Emperor himself.

The only way this would realistically happen is to Chaos, and then only through either a massive Daemon drop on top of an unaware ROU with most of it's combat capable citizens deployed, and the mind converted pre hand by sorcery, or by gazing into the warp.

That does leave me to wonder, how is "Golden Goose" protecting itself from madness by Warp gaze? Viewing the warp unprotected, or even through a gellar field for a non navigator is instant insanity, or at least a gradual corruption.