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    (4d6)[14] Attack
    (3d6)[15] Defence

    <On the contrary my dear brother. The words have just begun to be Spoke.>

    <ignislamidum - adbinaXLpedecirti!
    As the Unspoken speaks the flames of wrath burst into being around the God of the Earth, exploding in an area all around

    <I call it Truenaming, That was the Concept of Flame. Admittedly not my strongest of attacks due to my affinity for Water, but representative of my abilities, don't you think?>
    The humanoid being, smirking in the form of Dinfale's greatest fear hovers in midair, idly watching the sparks flicker out

    <And the best part is it requires none of the Divine Spark, simply my will against the Universe. Even a Human could learn this if given the chance.>
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