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I like the Imperium because they are an endless font of badass, though I absolutely concede that they are very deeply stupid. Personally I want to see Warhammer 30K; Imperial Truth edition to mitigate that, but that would be low on GrimDark and not have as visually interesting miniatures, so that's not going to happen.
Are you familiar with the Culture at all? You seem to dismiss them without much reason.
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Also, Human = Homo Sapiens Sapiens and our Trans/Post-Human descendants (fingers crossed), not whatever collection of Klingons and Wookies you can dig up. I don't really see why a species that probably doesn't even have mitochondria should get to use our name, much less try to dictate morality to us.
Why should anyone dictate morality to anyone?

And, well, I can't see the difference. How is it different than, say, differences within the Human race today?