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    Yup! Just the adventurer in me called out to at least try and fight them first!

    Don't worry, I still have a trick up my sleeve. A true adventurer never runs out of tricks!

    Did you include the Mirror images and the miss chance from them?

    A rather large gash opens up on Maz's forearm. Maz is undaunted by the blows, however. He had hoped to blind more of them, and to continue fighting. But it looks like that wasn't happening....

    So instead, he uses a small trick he developed, and makes it seem as if he was defending himself, when really he was casting a spell. Soon enough, he disappears from view...


    Using my concealed spellcasting skill trick (opposed Sleight of Hand check vs their spot, they won't be able to make AoO if they fail the check)

    Sleight of hand check: (1d20+10)[28]

    Casting invisibility.

    Move 15ft in any open direction. Move Silently: (1d20+11)[17]
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