Hey guys, I got a friend who is starting a campaign and as a change of pace I thought I'd play a paladin. I read through Dictum Mortuum's Paladin Handbook for some info and I noticed the feat Serenity from Dragon Compendium wasn't there. So Im asking if its a good feat choice to reduce some MADness that paladin carries with it. If it helps I plan on going into the Mystic Fire Knight substitution levels and most likely play a lesser Aasimar. Also what are some good prestige classes not mentioned in the paladin handbook that are paladin friendly?

Note 1: I really don't want people telling me to play a Crusader. I read it and it looks cool but their maneuvers and recovery is a bit of an annoyance.

Note 2: I have also read Sword of the Arcane Order feat and its really unclear on how it works and is mostly up to DM's choice on it.