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Why would a human dominant galaxy be better than one where humans share with nonhuman intelligences, transhumans, post-humans that are only fathomable to some transhumans, various AIs, various exotic alien intelligences, etc. etc.?
I prefer Humans (Post- > Trans- > Baseline) to Uplifts, though I'd like to see what an intelligent pet is like, prefer Uplifts to AI at least until we've upgraded to the point of parity, and like the idea of aliens from a research perspective but don't see keeping them around.

Mainly it comes down to aesthetics, and it doesn't have much to do with not liking the Culture.

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....you chose the Renegade ending in Mass Effect, didn't you??
Only in the first three play-throughs. This latest one I'm trying to maximize Galactic Readiness, so it's Paragon all the way.