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Also, don't be afraid to push out your epic spells. Using the seeds and some careful math, you can make spells that literally do anything. Make it rain down meteors in a two mile radius all day? No problem. Emit an aura that heals you and any nearby allies for several hundred points a round all day? Easy peasy.
OP doesn't have Epic Spellcasting. He should get it, if his DM will tolerate it. You can also bring in some pretty scarily-powerful creatures through the Summon seed, and generally snap the game like a twig (especially if he uses DC mitigation). Summon creatures with big spellcasting (or strong anti-construct abilities) to do your dirty work for you (or just aid your DC-mitigation rituals ).

Get Rods of Chain Spell, and slap those on any nasty damage-dealer spells you have. Actually, get the other metamagic rods too, for "free" metamagic, lulz, and win (Rods of Extend are a cheap way to increase your buff rotation). It should be well within your 4 MILLION gp budget as a 30th level character.

What is our Wizard's objective, exactly? Some background would help.