Everyone sees the Unspoken differently. It is fluff (right now) but most of this game is fluff.
Hmm, the world being destroyed, would be represented by the destroyer, you would see someone capable of destroying the world. Every aspect of his visage would remind you of the destruction of the world and the fact he could pull it off.

The quickblade slices through the air, flowing fast and hard, hitting against your staff solidly but curving through the air in a way totally unlike any solid imaginable
<You fight well. I do wish you stick around until the Time of Speaking, to lose you in the Wilting, or even the Rising would be such a shame.>
The Unspoken feels his stamina waning, used up in the fight with his opponent. But could tell Dinfale was fading just as fast, the ferocity in their attacks leaving both less for it.