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    Default Re: League of Legends XL: Season on Hold 'til Morello gets Gold

    Welp. Time to relearn the game on Season 3. Most of the items look pretty solid depending on values. Deathfire Grasp is quite worrisome in efficiency; 20% damage dealt can often be more than the old passive. I'm not sure Statikk Shiv is going to be much better than Ionic Spark.

    A lot more kill/assist related effects, interesting. They won't be competitively that strong though unless pushed. I like the increase in ally-affecting things tho. Also slows; now I no longer have to build Randuin + Phage on every non-Rylai melee champ without a built-in slow.

    That'll be a lot to stomach. Suffice to say, the game as we know it will be changing radically. I wouldn't be surprised if this changed champion and even team composition level considerations significantly; e.g. the new Sword of the Divine creates a much cheaper (gold-wise) sort of a "burst AD"-role that didn't really exist previously.
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