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Thread: Simple Q&A D&D 3.5 (by RAW) XXII

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    If by "is effectively a" you mean "counts as a" for purposes of enhanceability, damage reduction, etc. ...then no. It might function identically, but it doesn't have the "this sword is a magic sword" tag which enables it to do all the things which a +1 sword can do.

    Is there a playable (ie not "LA: --") race of Construct, Ooze or Magical Beast with one or more HD? I'd prefer the LA to be as low as possible, and the HD to be low-ish (somewhere from 3 to 7 or so).
    EDIT: Okay, the Aranea is one example. I'd like to know if there are others.
    EDIT2: Forgot to specify, it has to be Large or larger.
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