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    Default Re: League of Legends XL: Season on Hold 'til Morello gets Gold

    Anyone else having a problem where they can't reconnect to a game?

    I decided to practice jungle Amumu in beginner bots, fix my path. At 1:20, the game stops and it gives me attempting to reconnect. After 2 minutes of waiting fruitlessly for that, I went and reset my router (yes, I am on hardline). It's (probably) not a bad connection after I did the router reset.

    I went to log back in, and the game is giving me the dreaded "Connection Error: cannot connect to PvP.net servers" message. Multiple times. With latest Windows updates installed, and a few restarts.

    Basically, anyone else having the same problem? And thank god it wasn't a Normal, it was just bots. My unintentional leave didn't ruin a victory (I hope )

    The official League Wobsite appears to be down as well.
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