OP doesn't have Epic Spellcasting
umm.. what?

From the OP:

Wizard 20/Epic Wizard 9/Effigy Master 1 [.....] I've got 3 10th level, 2 11th and 2 12th level spells
Non-epic spells are 9th level... soo.... yeah he definitely has epic spellcasting. I'm not sure what you're reading.

He's right about one thing though.
You can also bring in some pretty scarily-powerful creatures through the Summon seed, and generally snap the game like a twig (especially if he uses DC mitigation). Summon creatures with big spellcasting (or strong anti-construct abilities) to do your dirty work for you (or just aid your DC-mitigation rituals ).
The summon speed is one of the best ones, period.