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Silly wabbit. Why mention what SC is, when everyone knows there is only one game ever with that abbreviation? Mentioning what freaking game you refer to would be silly.

Me, I was hoping for Star Control. I always wanted to see Miko done as Yehat.
Appologies for not being more clear, I was kinda tired when I made this thread, I have, however fixed the original post to be more clear about what I am refering to. Additionally, as way of an appology, I have added more characters to the list up top in the OP and have fixed Leeky Windstaff.

Again, if people have suggestions that are workable in the game, I'll try to make them (So no, no Xycon, no MitD, but, like, humanoid non-skeletons, non-lizardmen, non-kobold type people.)