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    Quote Originally Posted by Starbuck_II View Post
    Wait, Minsc can wear heavy armor... how did his armor suck? Did you only hive him light armor?
    He can wear full plate.
    Of course I had him in heavy armor. His DEX is so low that he still gets hit with EVERY BLOW, with heavy armor. His AC is lousy even with heavy armor (part of the problem is that he is an optmized 2H fighter, I admit).

    The thing is that the way the game(s) implement the 2.x D&D rules makes DEX the most important stat for a tank. The best tank in the first game is Shar-Teel, the Chaotic Evil female warrior. She has a low CON and a medium STR but a DEX of 18. With a tower shield and heavy armor her AC is amazing!

    This is also why I always equipped whichever second frontline tank I have (me, or say Jaheira with Ankheg armor, tower shield and shimitar) with the gloves of DEXTERITY found on the way to the Gnoll fortress (gives you DEX 18).
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