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Oof, the dialogue in this page is so clunky it's like getting hit with a sack of bricks. We already know that David is controlling Maestro, and we also know that mindcontrol rots the control-ee on the inside, so really, Miranda is telling us nothing new, other than the Maestro is for some reason not human now.
Seriously, this whole update is laid out in pretty much the clumsiest and most inane way possible.

Miranda spelling out more plot details we knew anyway after the already clunky dun-dun-DUN! reveal that yes, the Maestro has indeed been enchanted we got yesterday pretty much ruins it from the start. And of course that fills more than half of the first two panels with dialogue, because hell no we won't have the Maestro's attack actually have any impact by any virtue other than a sad/shaken talking head telling us that this is a dramatic moment right here. I mean, honestly, why show when you can tell and drawing is hard?

But why stop here? Let's give the comic one panel of respite showing the Maestro posing ever so menacingly - and not at all looking silly - and then clumsily address that this goes against pretty much the only characterization the king ever got. Except you of course don't really address it, you just bring it up by having Miranda state it in a way that looks more like she just learned that she didn't win that Evbay auction for that beautiful sofa, not quite like she realizes that she may have to kill another old friend that she's totally been really close to for decades, seriously.

And the explanation that he's somehow not human anymore? Am I the only one who immediately assumed that this means he's all tentacle monster under the hood now, like the Battlecasters? It's really the only way I can think of that would somehow work, at least. Of course, that would make it not at all a valid answer to the question about the king's apparently no longer relevant moral qualms about enchanting humans, but...


Moving on!

We get one panel of the Maestro actually attacking Miranda without any dialogue disrupting it, and then Donovan dramatically reenacts Stunt throwing a knife at Mantis mage before putting the strip out of its misery and bidding it farewell with that inspired ironic taunt in the last panel.
Of course, he used a bigger knife, so it may actually work for real if Mookie feels like doing an emotional death scene instead of the Maestro jumping back up revealing his true form (spoiler alert: it's a bit heavy on the tentacles and extra eyeballs) on Monday. I doubt he really knows what it's going to be at this point.

Bottom line, I love this comic.