I wanted to complain about the lightning dissipating between p6 and p7, but I don't actually know enough to comment on it. So instead: where are they? Where is this taking place? That's a really high ceiling in p6.

BONUS FUN TIME QUESTION: So, you can slap somebody with a dormant enchantment, to be activated at an undisclosed date, eh? Imagine if this were, say, part of formal indoctrination into being a wizard. Deegan doesn't have it, of course, because his mother is anti-government, and Luna doesn't have it because she had no formal instruction in magic, but imagine if this were a cultural part of being a wizard. They'd say they do it to keep the population safe - in the event of a mindbreak or whatever, just shut the wizard down until they can get help on the scene. So the king could be painted as a little sinister (who seriously suggests mind control as a safety?), and people would have a reason to think Dominic's weird (he doesn't have a safety)