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    The skull beneath the mask laughed as Fear replied to Strife. "Dear cousin. I am Slovien and I am fear. The night is my domain so I saw you approach this village. You seemed to be watching them so I thought to give you a show and display to you the power of fear."

    Kargath looked Slovien for a moment before shaking his head.
    Power to what? Send humans running for their lives, get killed while holding on to the illusion of safety? No, fear has its limited uses. It can drive a mortal into heroism or stupidity depending on the level of fright. Anger can do the same but not out of sheer panick but personal hatred. Kargath does not care what the reason of Strife is, aslong as its there. Fear can freeze a mortal and prevents it from doing anything at all, while anger always results in Strife. Kargath respects It and fear, for certain aspects. It must excuse Kargath, time will transform these into superior beings of stone and battle but there is much to explore in this world.

    Kargath then went straight for the city of man. He felt the earth and stone arranged in masses for the humans to live in. He had to see it for himself, such a creation of stone with so many mortals in one place could be great canvas for his next masterpiece.
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