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    Default Re: Does anyone else really want Tarquin to get absolutely bashed in?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chloe Seven View Post
    That is true, but ONLY because of convention.
    But no. "Convention," as you call it, exists for a reason. You said earlier that "people don't like change and have been raised on happy endings," effectively poisoning the well: Anyone who doesn't desire the villain to win lacks imagination.
    There's no reason a story couldn't end on the villain winning.
    You speak as though "what people enjoy reading" is not a reason, or at least not one that doesn't speak to how painfully "conventional" those people are if they happen to disagree with you.
    I think at this point we've said everything that can be said on the matter. It's been interesting, but let's drop it.
    When I see a post that goes, "Long reassertion of my position...now let's drop it," it always looks like that poster is trying to get in the last word.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    This, in a nutshell.
    Yes, exactly.