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Who is usually picked to shut down Jax? =V
Malphite, as has been mentioned, is stupid good at shutting down Jax if built properly. But depending on the ADC he isn't that great of a choice. If the enemy has picked Vayne, then picking Malphite to counter both of them does beautiful things.

Yorick, if built properly, shuts down Jax very well.

Irelia vs Jax is a skill-matchup I feel.

Garen is a flat hard counter to Jax, but likely won't fit your teamcomp.

Darius is very strong versus Jax, but may/may not fit your teamcomp. Remember to dunk early if you wanna 1v1 Jax easily.

Surprisingly, Rengar can do well against Jax if you're maxing W first. But that may be a skill-matchup.

Pantheon vs Jax: As has been addressed, the issue of scaling means Jax may or may not be more useful to his team. Essentially it's a question of whether Pantheon gets jungle help or not, because he's one of those laners that does stupidly well with jungle help.

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I notice the tower Kog's player has targeted has an item in its inventory.
Bit late to the party there Cheese.