For me, Minsc simply adds too much to be left out. He's not a perfect tank (though the Gauntlets of Dexterity in the Gnoll Stronghold REALLY help, and you have to go that way eventually with him in your party), but he's an offensive powerhouse and quite utilitarian - he can't cast spells well, but he CAN use scrolls, so he can do a share of the healing when it gets bad. He can also jump to leather armor and serve as a minor scout.

As I've heard it, the "new" subraces and kits are merely the BG2 ones. There was no half-orc option or kits in BG1, so the fact that those are implemented in in the EE now is indeed an enhancement, just not that special of one. The DLC NPC Ilkahn adds the Blackguard kit, but that's the only truly "new" one I know about.

I figure my first run through is going to be myself as a Swashbuckler, Imoen, Minsc and Dynaheir, Rassaad, and Neera. It's a pity I expect the pairs to stay linked, because otherwise I'd probably drop Dynaheir for a cleric (Yeslick or Viconia).