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Minor note: his name is Chess, not Cheese :P

I took rengar into Jax, but was maxing E like a fool, apparently. He trashed me pretty hard core.
Cheese, Chess, they're the same thing really.

As far as playing Rango vs Jax: I favor maxing W because it grants you A) defenses, which you're desperate for, and B) damage that Jax can't ignore. I follow that up with an E max, then a Q max.

Jax will likely be building Boots+3 into double dorans into Phage, or Sheen. You'll likely go something like boots+3 into chain vest into whatever else. This protects you from early Jax's physical bias(Q, regular autos). Maxing W vs Q also gives you a good amount of damage that isn't dependent on your AD, and you're unlikely to build a lot of that early on.

However, Rango also does very well with jungle help. So if you've got Mao/Malph/Whoever else has a snare/stun in the jungle then it'd be a good idea to call them up for ganks. If you're able to get reliable ganks, then you can just max Q instead of E for DPS. Just remember to not double-Q when he's spinning his stick.