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    Default Re: League of Legends XL: Season on Hold 'til Morello gets Gold

    Quote Originally Posted by Forrestfire View Post

    That's... extremely awesome. How much does it cost to buy, by the way?
    It's pricey, yeah. About 3k I think. Can't be sure, since I'm not currently in the PBE and there's a 1 hour queue time atm, but it builds from Tiamat and Vamp.

    I'm not sure what I think of the new Vamp, but BT got a buff out of it. Up to +70 ad from +60, but stacks reduced to a max of +30.

    Oh, yeah. Almost forgot the BEST THING. Utility tree gives you a BISCUIT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deophaun View Post
    It doesn't so much as demean the celestial monkey's existence, so much as fulfill it. Without the ability to be summoned to set off traps, retrieve objects from dangerous situations, and all and all be a party's guinea pig, the Celestial Monkey would languish in obscurity in the MM and do nothing more legendary than eat celestial bananas.