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I figure my first run through is going to be myself as a Swashbuckler, Imoen, Minsc and Dynaheir, Rassaad, and Neera. It's a pity I expect the pairs to stay linked, because otherwise I'd probably drop Dynaheir for a cleric (Yeslick or Viconia).
Rescue Dynaheir, immediately strip her and send her off alone into the biggest group of gnolls you can find while the rest of the party goes the other way. You can be rid of her before you even leave the stronghold without losing Minsc. The thing with killing her off so you don't also lose Minsc is that you can do it at any time. You can keep her around as another caster until, say, she tries to single-handedly protect Viconia from the Flaming Fist and tragically falls while the rest of the party is rushing toward the fray, and our lovely drow vixen is so touched by her sacrifice that she offers to take her place in your group.