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    Default Re: League of Legends XL: Season on Hold 'til Morello gets Gold

    Ugh, why do people ragequit?

    Decided on a whim to play some ranked, and we got an akali who goes 0/7/2 with 16 cs, then says "I'm out" and leaves.

    When we could probably have still won, since the Draven was 8/3/0 at the time.


    And it was a placement game, too

    Quote Originally Posted by Reynard View Post
    It's pricey, yeah. About 3k I think. Can't be sure, since I'm not currently in the PBE and there's a 1 hour queue time atm, but it builds from Tiamat and Vamp.
    Wait, what? A ranged-only item builds out of an item that's useless to ranged champions? That makes total sense...

    Whoops, my bad.
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