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It was..... Surprisingly great.
I cried in two places.

When he smashed the car. He was crushing everything that made her special. That struck a cord with me. It would be like watching someone take your favorite and most awesome DnD character and burn it.
The fact that he was insisting that he was still a bad guy up until and while doing so? That just sort of made it worse.
I couldn't watch it happen. I have never covered my eyes while watching a film. Not even scary gory stuff. I couldn't watch that.


The last line of the film.
That he could be a hero to just one little girl, that he was able to get through to just one person, was enough for him.
Sure, he got through to others as well, but you get the point.

So yeah. Proof that Disney does not need Pixar to survive.
Um, hate to break it to you but Disney and Pixar might as well be the same company these days.
John Lasseter was the head of Pixar for years, he's now the VP of Disney.
But hey, ultimately good news all around.

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Heck yeah!