Also for those of you who actually read this thread( like the one guy) I've desided that while jake our dm will put the main plot details and the what not I myself will tell things from the players perspectives or at least from mine.
As for the one-room dungion we apparently "almost failed" we had little to no trouble. Well the key we had would open one of two doors then break, we went for the most obvious door, not even bothering finding a secret door. We enter a room with 4 holes and the lingering smell of meat, a obvious werewolf trap, at the bottom of each was a silver pressure plate from what I understand the meat smell was to lure the werewolfs into the pits where they would fall on silver plates, the plates cause the holes to close the silver keeps them from moving. What we learned was at least two plates had to be pressed or the door to proceed wouldn't open. Why the escape tunnel would be designed like this I don't know. Any way the only people willing to do it was ciel the fighter and Ras, so our main defender and main striker. So we enter the next room where there is a injured man sitting next to a chest and a lever. Vice immediately jumped on the guy and started choking him with a garrot, and ciel called it werewolfs. This poor creature never even got a hit in he was dead in like 2 rounds maybe 3 I kinda felt sorry for it. We pulled the lever and now Ras and ciel could follow us, as for the chest lain didn't trust it at all so she tied a rope to its lid and opened it from a safe 15 feet away, fire shot out of the chest so good thing I did it. Throughout the rest of the campaign I have an almost instinct for the dms traps and I keep somehow advoid them or stop them altogether. So anyway we stood on a platform and we met the watcher, I'll let jake tell about him.