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Eugh why are the majority of all MOBA game players such utter ****s. After a single day of Dota 2 I might be done with it for good because it just brings up bad memories of the old dota community. Yeah I get it losing isn't fun but why does everyone rage when we start losing after the first 40-50 minutes of a one hour game the teams were neck to neck. Does no one enjoy fair games and only want to steamroll all day every day?
1. If you say MOBA or reference LoL in any way when playing Dota, you are going to get heat.

2. Losing a long game because someone overextended or didn't go back when told to do so or doing a stupid mistake that he should never make can be frustrating, especially when it is in a long game that was fairly even. Why ? Because it wasn't an obvious stomp and you had good chances to win if that event never happened.

3. Take a break and come back after a few days if you feel frustrated with Dota. It's a good game, and the community is not THAT bad compared to how it was back in the day (partially because you cannot simply abandon a game after first blood or because you think your teammates are idiots or because they built retarded subpar items).