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WHAT? Since when does DONOVAN know anything about swords? Or anything about fighting at all for that matter? And where did he even get the sword anyway? This is stupid, Mookie, stupid!

Oh, wait, let me guess. He read a comic/played a videogame where someone threw a sword and it pierced someone else's stomach, and he decided it was cool.
Please tell me you are kidding. Donovan has been shown using a sword, or talked about how he has used a sword since before maltak. Wasnt he originally going to duel during the battle for barthis thing against scarletti? There is a lot to complain about in this comic, donovan using a sword isnt one of them. At least make fun of him for throwing the damn blade like a javelin. (Seriously, look at the motion effects, he threw it like a dart, not like he was sending a sword spinning at maestro)