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    Quote Originally Posted by Scowling Dragon View Post
    Also as a take on the whole "Bad guy main character" thing this movie kicks Megaminds ass!

    I really dislike Megamind.
    I won't comment on Megamind, but indeed, they made the bad guy main concept work out pretty well.


    When he's falling to the Mentos/Pop Volcano, reciting the Bad Guy Affirm from the meeting? That was a throwback I did not expect. It was odd. He was doing a good thing, yet was constantly telling himself that he wasn't a good guy or hero. It made me really think that the film was trying to suggest that there is a difference between good guy and hero and bad guy and villain. As in some larger separation between all 4, not just a dichotomy. It was an interesting subtext.

    The people of Ralph's game...
    I thought it was weird that the people of Ralph's game really seemed to resent him. For real, not just part of the act for the game's sake. Like their apartment building (which was constantly fixed), being wrecked was actually something that mattered. So I figured that just came down to their programming, and was a knee-jerk reaction as a result.

    Also, on programming...

    I'm thinking they don't mention the programmers screwing up (the cy-bugs intelligence, possibly the people of Ralph's game) because they wanted programmers to be ambiguous. To make their actions and creations feel as capricious and random as people in real life.
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