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1. If you say MOBA or reference LoL in any way when playing Dota, you are going to get heat.

2. Losing a long game because someone overextended or didn't go back when told to do so or doing a stupid mistake that he should never make can be frustrating, especially when it is in a long game that was fairly even. Why ? Because it wasn't an obvious stomp and you had good chances to win if that event never happened.

3. Take a break and come back after a few days if you feel frustrated with Dota. It's a good game, and the community is not THAT bad compared to how it was back in the day (partially because you cannot simply abandon a game after first blood or because you think your teammates are idiots or because they built retarded subpar items).
Ah yes. The days when idiots/whiners would leave at the first sight of trouble. Not limited to: first blood, not being given a solo lane, dying three times (or less) consecutively, not being able to farm their Divine Rapier within 30 minutes, etc.

Yeah. Those were the days.