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    Default Re: Does anyone else really want Tarquin to get absolutely bashed in?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kish View Post
    But no. "Convention," as you call it, exists for a reason. You said earlier that "people don't like change and have been raised on happy endings," effectively poisoning the well: Anyone who doesn't desire the villain to win lacks imagination.

    You speak as though "what people enjoy reading" is not a reason, or at least not one that doesn't speak to how painfully "conventional" those people are if they happen to disagree with you.

    When I see a post that goes, "Long reassertion of my position...now let's drop it," it always looks like that poster is trying to get in the last word.
    First point: you're inferring a lot of things that aren't there. I said people don't like change and have been raised on happy endings, you choose to infer "lack of imagination" from that, but I didn't say or intend it.

    Second point: "what people enjoy reading" is subjective and "people" as a collective term for every single person who enjoys reading fiction will never ALL agree on something. In this case, we don't all agree on villains necessarily having to be beaten, so acting like we do is ridiculous.

    Third point: after responding to Veti's post, the "let's drop it" part was because I am tired of the contention the discussing is causing. That is to say, I am tired of the contention YOU are causing. I've enjoyed the conversation with other posters but I am sick of your absolutism, antagonism and superior attitude. Maybe I should've just said instead that I'm going to put you on ignore because of those things. So as of now, I have.

    To the rest of you, thanks for a stimulating conversation.
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