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In other news:
So I've been playing Darius recently. Experimented with different builds. In lane he seems impossible to really "beat" if you make so much as 1 small mistake and/or aren't ranged, but outside of that he becomes very... meh, often times. Thoughts, tips, suggestions?

My current favorite build is probably Frozen Mallet rush, followed by tanky items. I've also messed around with Sunfire Cape rush and then... just tanky items. So yeah, I've been doing lots of tanky items. Is BT even fun on him, or do you just die? (Also: Last Whisper+Max E = 55% armor pen wtf)
CDR tank please. Like Olaf, really. Qing more = more AoE physical damage, more AoE magic DoTs, and easier chain ults. Also, W + Randuin's + FH lol