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When she got Heavy Ale's and Aubade's table she had a desperate look in her eyes. "Sir...please...sniffle...I'm looking for my daughter...she's been missing since last night...she didn't come home from her outing with her friends. They don't know where she's at either." Her voice broke as she levitated a flyer, one for both Heavy and Aubade.

The flyer had an photo image of a young unicorn, maybe in her early twenties. She was a pretty little thing with cute smile. She had a silver mane and khaki colored fur.

"Her name is Songbird, and she has a Nightingale cutie mark. She really loved music, it was..sniffle her world, sniffle like she was mine...please...if you see or find her...sniffle..."
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V for Vampony

The dulcet tones of one Daniel Jovus found their way into the ears of the silent unicorn vampony mare with the nightingale cutie mark. She found her body coming to a halt. And then something odd happened. The mare looked down at her chest seeing a fiery wooden arrow embedded where her heart would be underneath her chest. "...Hauh...?" She looked up at the face of her second killer in confusion before imploding, her final expression a pair of wide eyes and then....smelly, floor staining grossness.
*glares at Daniel*